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Diode Array Spectrometer

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Dr. Gr�bel UV-Elektronik GmbH

Besides our standard line of UV-electronics such as UV-lamps, UV-monitors, UV-sensors, radiometers, photometers, spectrometer we develop and produce individual solutions to customer's requirements. We offer extensive services including calibration.

Ettlingen, Germany

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Diode Array Spectrometer

Diode Array Spectrometer


Diode Array Spectrometer

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Dr. Gr�bel UV-Elektronik GmbH

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The instrument can be applied for many optical tasks: Besides the recording of spectra, transmission measurements, integration of different spectral ranges, photo-biological weightings, colour measurements, calculation of colour temperature and colour co-ordinates are possible. Our system is based on modules. Depending on application different light sources (halogen lamp, deuterium lamp, Xe-flash-light source) can be installed. For the probe cell holders, reflection equipment (reflection head for colour measurements, integrating spheres), flow cells and diving cells are available. The diode array detector is connected to the point of measurement using light guides with standard SMA-adapters. Therefore a wide range of application fields is given. Dynamic range improvement offering huge advantages for measurements in the UVA and UVB range results in higher resolution of stray light and noise. The spectral properties permit exact resolution of the mercury-lines at 577 and 579 nm.

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