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Industry's First 1.8 Volt Crystal Clock Oscillator

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SaRonix is a leading global supplier of frequency control products including quartz crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs and OCXOs in metal, plastic and ceramic SMD packages covering the frequency range from 32.768kHz to 622.08MHz. SaRonix� prod

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Industry's First 1.8 Volt Crystal Clock Oscillator

Industry's First 1.8 Volt Crystal Clock Oscillator


Industry's First 1.8 Volt Crystal Clock Oscillator

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For Immediate Release For Further Information Contact: Rick Sandlas, Power PR Phone: (310) 787-1940 Fax: (310) 787-1970 E-mail: SaRonix Announces Industry's First 1.8 Volt Crystal Clock Oscillator Newly available NTH Series allows designers the opportunity to develop low power, low-heat dissipation integrated circuits and chipsets. MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA�In an effort to satiate the electronic industry's expanding appetite for increasingly lower power-consuming circuits, SaRonix announces the newest entr�e to its growing menu of frequency control products: the industry's first 1.8 Volt HCMOS crystal clock oscillator. The introduction of its NTH (metal package, through-hole mount) and S1612 (ceramic, surface mount) models extends SaRonix' 25-year tradition of innovation by providing electronic engineers with new options for creating power-conserving, thermally efficient circuits. �Ever lower supply voltages in electronic equipment are driven by three factors: � notes Beat Kocher, Manager of Marketing and Business Development for SaRonix. �The desire for lower power consumption to extend battery life in portable equipment, the need to reduce heat generation resulting from faster and faster clock rates, and the reality of lower breakdown voltages in semiconductors with the ever denser line geometries�. Throughout its frequency range of 20-70 MHz, the NTH Series HCMOS crystal clock oscillator maintains a stability of �50 ppm or �100 ppm over all conditions, and operates at temperatures between 0 to 70�C. Supply current ranges from 6-20mA for frequencies up to 50 MHz, to 10-50mA approaching 70 MHz. A tri-state function enables a high-impedance output when desired. Available as a half-size, 8-pin through-hole mount DIP metal package, the NTH crystal clock oscillator addresses the needs of developers that prefer leaded parts to fit sockets on their development boards. As model number S1612, the same functionality is on tap in a surface-mount, 5x7 mm ceramic package to fill production quantity orders on tape or reel. Whether seeking extended battery life; decreased heat dissipation in microprocessors; low-current networking; or entirely new applications where extremely low power provides a competitive advantage, SaRonix' NTH crystal clock oscillators heap additional options for creativity and solutions upon the plate of electronics design engineers everywhere. To learn more about SaRonix' new 1.8V clock oscillators and other product such as crystals, programmable oscillators, VXCOs, or TCXOs, contact SaRonix at 141 Jefferson Dr., Menlo Park, California 94025, USA; phone: 650-470-7700; fax: 650-462-9894; e-mail:, or visit # # #

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