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Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

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Pioneer of numerous productivity enhancing tools designed to optimize SMT electronic equipment and processes. Innovator of the award-winning Grid-Lok, Magna-Print and Stinger technologies.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA


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Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support


Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support


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Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support Description:

Premium Automatic PCB Support for SMT Processes

Ovation’s award-winning Grid-Lok Gold™ automatic substrate support technology provides electronics manufacturers with a robust alternative to costly and often problematic dedicated fixture plates. Set-up is remarkably fast - taking place in just seconds - after which pneumatically controlled pins raise and conform to printed circuit board topography, delivering unmatched support particularly for today’s densely populated and highly miniaturized products.

Grid-Lok Gold is available in standard and high-density formats and both enable assembly specialists to easily scale up or scale down by adding or removing modules from the system. The simple solution for substrate support for screen printing, component placement and inspection processes, Grid-Lok Gold operates independently of the machine host and, therefore, eliminates the need for operator intervention.

Designed to accommodate assemblies of all types - from basic SMT to high-density, highly miniaturized products - Grid-Lok GoldTM is the best PCB support on the SMT market, for the entire assembly process:

  • High versatility
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Reduced or zero change over time
  • No risk of component damage
  • Global coverage organization

One time investment in Grid-Lok Gold™ delivers many advantages, including:

  • Removes the need for further support solutions, regardless of process change = cost reduction
  • Eliminates potential for human error and increases the safety of machine set-up = cost reduction
  • Minimizes or eliminates changeover time = cost reduction
  • Increases yield by reducing maintenance requirement = cost reduction

Here’s just one example of the ROI realized with Grid-Lok:

  • Changeover Time Saved per Line = 10 minutes
  • Changeovers per day = 3
  • Line Utilization Rate (assumed profit generated per line per hour) = $800 per hour
  • Total Savings per Day (1/6 hour x 3 x $800) = $400
  • Grid-Lok cost on Line (1 printer plus 2 Placement machines) = $16,000

Payback in just 40 days!

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