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Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series

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Universal Instruments is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced automation and assembly equipment solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series

Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series


Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series


Pick & Place

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Universal Instruments Corporation


Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series Description:

Fuzion® is Universal’s flagship platform, leveraging the latest generation of head and feeder technologies, and software tools for maximum performance. Fuzion solutions maximize utilization, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and productivity while delivering the lowest cost per placement for any environment or product mix.

For electronics manufacturers who demand an agile, flexible production model without limitations, Fuzion® is the pinnacle of platform performance. Fuzion is the industry’s most adaptable and capable platform, delivering profitable productivity for any manufacturing model from NPI to ultra-high volumes. Fuzion drives operational excellence, enabling manufacturers to build any product at any time, accelerate new product introduction and ramp to volume, and maximize utilization, quality, and yield.

  • 1, 2, 4-beam variants
  •  Extra-capacity (XC) models with up to 272 feeder inputs
  • Versatile multi-task odd-form (OF) model
  • Throughput up to 140,000 cph per module
  • Industry-leading cost per placement, flexibility and accuracy
  • Largest board size capability
  • Closed-loop processes to ensure the highest yields
  • Maximum performance and utilization for any volume/product mix
  • Comprehensive toolset to accelerate NPI and achieve 100% first-pass yield
  • Ability to prototype on a single module
  • Lowest cost of operation and ownership

Fuzion SMT Pick and Place Series Models:

FuzionOF - Versatile IC placement platform perfect for special processes such as Pin-in-Paste, Flip Chip and OFA
Fuzion1-11 - Flexible IC placement platform perfect for NPI or complex SMT
Fuzion1-30 - Superb for high-mix NPI environments and large board applications. Also a high-volume line booster.
Fuzion2-14 - Best-in-class multi-function machine with fast placement of a wide component range for applications where flexibility and performance per line length are important
Fuzion2-37 - A true multi-purpose platform. A versatile stand-alone prototyping solution, a flexible line balancer, or a high-performance multi-function solution.
Fuzion2-60 - Flexible, high-speed productivity for medium-volume environments. A powerful line booster solution or high-performance small part placer.
FuzionXC2-37 - High-capacity NPI, all-in-one, line balancer, or multifunction solution with a full component range
FuzionXC2-60 - Cost-efficient, high-performance turret replacement or high-input chip placer
Fuzion4-120 - Powerful performance for high-volume production environments: Consumer, Mobile, Notebook, Automotive

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