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AssemblySource is an Outsourcing Service Provider for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry. Offering cost benefits and leveraging the talents of a global work force, AssemblySource allows today's small and mid-sized companies to compete in an increasingly competitive environment.

Carlsbad, California, USA


  • Phone 858-344-1704
  • Fax 209-844-2102

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Whether is be High Speed/ High Technology SMT or Manual Insertion of Through Hole Components or Connectors to Complete Box Build, AssemblySource can help you source the proper assembler overseas. AssemblySource has a vast network of World-Class manufacturers at your service. More than an Agent, Rep, or Consultant, We are a complete solutions provider. We handle all the interactions with the manufacturer, including orders, returns, logistics, currency issues, communications, etc... You work with an American Manufacturer in American Language for American Funds, but you get all the advantages assembly in Asia has to offer. Come see what AssemblySource can do for you!

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