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XH STS - Flexible Stencil and Screen Printer

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ASYS is an international company that specializes in the manufacturing of screen printers, process machines, handling systems and special machines used in the electronic and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


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XH STS - Flexible Stencil and Screen Printer

XH STS - Flexible Stencil and Screen Printer


XH STS - Flexible Stencil and Screen Printer



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XH STS - Flexible Stencil and Screen Printer Description:

Automatic Offline Screen Printer

The XH STS stencil and screen printing system was specially developed for printing substrates in thick film applications. The flexible system can be used in a wide number of areas within the hybrid, SMT and solar fields. The automatic offline print system is particularly suitable for thick film printing of small to mid-range production volumes which require highest precision and short tooling times.

A „porous stone“ is used as the print nest which means that all flat substrates can be positioned on the print table, independent of their form. Even very thin materials such as wafers, solar cells, tapes or foils can be accurately printed. An additional advantage is that the incurred costs for specific print nests can be avoided.

This inline print system utilizes the patented EVA™ - EKRA Vision Alignment System with a free-moving camera and ensures a repeatability of ± 12,5μm@6 Sigma. The repeat accuracy is achieved utilizing high-precision measuring systems on the camera axis as well as on the screen adjustment mechanism.

A freely moveable camera provides numerous options for detecting the substrate. For substrates with polished surfaces, an edge detection system is selected and if structures such as fiducials, holes, or print images are to be used for positioning, then fiducial recognition can be selected.

The substrate can also be aligned using synthetic substrates which can minimize tolerances generated in previous process steps. The retractable table at the side provides a quick means for retooling and manual loading of the screen printing system. An interchangeable vacuum print nest guarantees flexible substrate positioning and short tooling times with no additional costs for special substrate
adapters or print nests.

Since there are no guide rails or edges in the print nest, the substrate can be processed with no additional mechanical stress. Thanks to the closed-loop adjustment of both print heads, the programmed squeegee pressure remains constant throughout the entire printing path, independent of the substrate properties and the print parameters. Depending on the required print-process, a number different squeegee profiles can be selected. Tool-free use of all profile frames sizes is possible using special screen support rails. Optionally, adapter frames can be used for closed screen frames.


  • „Made in Germany", with high quality welded steel frame for maximum stability and stiffness.
  • Print frame with 4 pillar guides for highest precision and repeatability.
  • Printing area up to 300 x 300 mm.
  • Patented optical positioning system EVA™ – EKRA Vision Alignment System using edge recognition, fiducial recognition, synthetic fiducials.

EKRA HYCON Series - Special Printing Systems for Screen Printing

The HYCON series comprises specialty printing systems and line solutions for customized applications.

  • Special print systems for hybrid, LTCC, glass, foils and wafers
  • Print system for large formats
  • Custom complete solutions




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