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Public & private web-based e-procurement exchange portals for OEM/EMS industries

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eTrons Systems, Inc. --- a Global e-Solutions Provider of Smarter Electronics Manufacturing for OEM/EMS Manufacturing Industries. eTrons Systems, Inc. is committed to be a world-class OEM/EMS (electronics manufacturing services) manufacturing industry solutions provider by embracing the latest Internet technology, leveraging the in-depth domain expertise of its team, the rapid growth of the B2B e-marketplace, and strategic alliances formed with industry partners. eTrons� goal is to deliver an array of neutral and comprehensive end-to-end product offerings and professional consultation services backed by 24/7 global customer support, with the aim to improve profitability through speedy time-to-market and cost-reduced sourcing in the supply chain automation process.

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Setup Quality Management Systems in EMS environment > Streamline manufacturing operations and purchasing system > Cross sourcing and value engineering > Materials planning, management and sourcing > Training and Consultation...

TradeMX (Private Edition)

The Private Edition of TradeMX is a configurable web-based e-marketplace portal designed to provide OEM/EMS buyers and sellers of electronic parts and components a single point of access to conduct their transactions privately in a timely and effecti...

TradeMX (Private Edition)


An online marketplace that allows the buyers and sellers of electronic parts and components to condut electronic procurement with accuracy and high efficiency. Users have the ability to submit an RFQ, respond to an RFQ, create an order, or process an...

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