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Leutrek Vision Inc.

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Leutrek Vision Inc.

Leutrek Vision offers a full-range of EOM professional vision products such as frame grabbers, vision processors, embedded vision systems, cameras, image processing software and much more. Our products are among the most versatile and powerful.

Burlington , Massachusetts, USA

  • Phone 781-238-0213

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PicProdigy-Color is a frame grabber with optional onboard vision processor for NTSC, RS170, PAL and CCIR analog cameras (4 Digitizers). The 4 digitizers allow the acquisition of 4 video sources simultaneously at full frame rate (up to 16 cameras could be connected). The optional onboard vision processor (FPGA) provides custom hardware processing for your application. This board is available standard in 64-bit PCI (compatible with 32-bit PCI) with a library running under Windows9x/NT/2000 and Linux. The specificities of the PicProdigy-Color are its low cost and its ease of use. To obtain more information visit our web site.

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