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Interflux USA, Inc.

Interflux USA, Inc. Mfg. and Distribution of high quality solders, fluxes and solder paste. Specialized in No-Residue soldering.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Cleaning, Repair / Rework, Soldering, Service Provider

Interflux USA, Inc. is a private owned Texas corporation founded in 1990 and is a manufacturer, developer and distributor of a wide range of fluxes, solders, solder-paste and related products used primarily in the electronics assembling industry.

The INTERFLUX USA team is proud to be known as the best in the flux and solder business and take great pleasure in doing what many say can't be done. We have a saying around here that says, "Innovative minds move faster than the speed of technology". While we strive to always stay a "step ahead" in this fast paced, high-tech age, we never loose our "old fashioned" focus on customer service. Our goal is to supply top quality solders, fluxes and related products to insure complete customer satisfaction. Interflux USA, Inc.'s "No-Residue�" technology and its impact on environment and process simplification has moved us into a leading position in this industry, and quality is our key ingredient to maintain our leadership.

Our innovative ideas and years of experience uniquely qualifies us to be able to address your most challenging soldering questions. We have an unblemished track record of problem solving for our customers. Our team is dedicated to keeping it that way. Our helpful and knowledgeable experts will assist you with confidence and a "can-do" attitude to get the job done right. When Quality counts you can count on Interflux USA.

Quality Policy Statement

Interflux USA, Inc. employees and management are committed to develop, manufacture and service soldering products with the highest quality, performance and consistency, and we continuously strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

"Our commitment to quality is our most valuable asset."

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No-Residue Technology Chemistry and Physics

Sep 02, 2004 | Patrick O. Bruneel Technical Advisor - Interflux USA, Inc.

The main goal of this paper is to highlight the importance of interrelating the physics and the chemistry in wave soldering and soft soldering in general. Often we find the disciplines of chemistry and physics being analyzed distinct and separate. However in the quest for alternative ways for leading edge competitive and especially environmental friendly manufacturing, separating or ignoring this interrelationship is detrimental to the success of No-Residue soldering....

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