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Sawa Eco-Roll Stencil Cleaners

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Sawa Eco-Roll Stencil Cleaners

Sawa Eco-Roll Stencil Cleaners


Sawa Eco-Roll Stencil Cleaners


Cleaning Equipment

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Seika Machinery, Inc.


Sawa Eco-Roll Stencil Cleaners Description:

The Sawa Eco-Roll eliminates waste and saves money by reusing wiper rolls for printing machines. The SC-ER360 cleans wiper rolls in just 20 minutes and measures W900 x D850 x H1200 mm.

Sawa Stencil Cleaners are widely used in the Japanese electronics industry to ensure high yields when screen printing solder paste onto PCBs. Normal cloth wipe cleaning of stencils cannot completely remove solder paste especially in fine-pitch applications because a small amount of solder balls have a tendency to adhere to the corners of the apertures.

Sawa Stencil Cleaners are able to completely remove solder paste using ultrasonic vibration and can work with most solvents recommended by paste manufacturers.

  • Eliminates waste and saves mony
  • Completely removes solder paste using ultrasonic vibration
  • Cleans 18 meter wiper rolls in about 45 minutes
  • Large wiper roll model now available

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