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Malcom Reflow Simulators

Malcom Reflow Simulators


Malcom Reflow Simulators



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Seika Machinery, Inc.

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See what you've never been able to see before, with one of Malcom's Reflow Simulators. Each of our units can recreate your reflow temperature curves. And with the viewing windows, you now have the ability to monitor what is happening to your PCB during reflow.


  • MALCOM SRS-1C REFLOW SIMULATOR - Recreate your reflow process in a small table-top reflow simulator.
  • MALCOM SRS-2 REFLOW SIMULATOR & WARPAGE MEASUREMENT - Recreate your reflow process in a small table-top reflow simulator, as we all as measure the warpage of your part/sample.
  • MALCOM RDT-250C REFLOW SIMULATOR - Recreate your reflow process in a table-top reflow simulator.
  • MALCOM VDM-2 VIDEO CAPTURE SYSTEM - Use in conjunction with one of our Reflow Simulators to capture video of your reflow process.

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