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MK-878sv and (MK-880sv)

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Minami is the largest Japanese manufacturer of screen printers for the surface mount and semiconductor industry. A unique backbone technology and patented solutions for print heads and squeegees result in leading accuracy and print repeatability.

Torrance, California, USA


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MK-878sv and (MK-880sv)

MK-878sv and (MK-880sv)


MK-878sv and (MK-880sv)

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MINAMI�s line of screen printers, range from semi- over fully automatic in-line machines to sophisticated systems for the semiconductor industry. The printers demonstrate leading print accuracy and a repeatability of 2.0 Cpk at /-25 �m. Patented technology for APCS (Automatic Pressure Control System) print heads and SUS squeegees deliver highly accurate and consistent print profiles for the most challenging applications. In addition, a three-tier conveyor system for high throughput and ease-of-use give MINAMI printers an edge for surface mount and semiconductor applications.

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