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Manufacturer of Test and Measurement Equipment

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

IFR provides a wide range of test instrumentation with considerable expertise in wireless test solutions, microwave, avionics and other areas. IFR continues to build an impressive portfolio of instruments and flexible test and measurement solutions. Wide-ranging support facilities ensure that customers have reliable, high integrity solutions to their testing requirements.

IFR Postings

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2842/43 Digital Communications Analyzer

QUICK menus allow single page setup and test for quick and easy installation and maintenance measurements. STANDARD menus give comprehensive facilities for detailed testing, fault localization and analysis of network systems and equipment. ...

IFF-701Ti Transponder/Interrogator Test Set

The IFF-701Ti provides a comprehensive "AUTO TEST" function which allows the operator to verify and certify the operation of MK10A, MK12 and MK12/Mode S IFF transponders with minimal intervention once the test has been commanded. Interrogator testing...

2026A/B 10 kHz to 2.05/2.51 GHz MultiSource Generator

The 2026A/B are multiple source generators which offer two RF signal generators in one box with a third source available as an option. Each source is a fully functional RF signal generator with AM, FM, 2FSK, 4FSK and pulse modulation capability. ...

2945A Communications Service Monitor

The 2945A Communications Service Monitor is the lightest, most rugged service monitor available with a full performance spectrum analyzer as standard. For field work the 2945A provides an excellent combination of instruments for all types of maintena...

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Ifr Adds Fast Pulse Modulation to 2026a Multisource Generator

Jan 15, 2002 | Ideal choice for radar, antenna, ECM applications

selective soldering

Precision Auger Dispense Pump