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Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating

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The ASM SMT Solutions segment is made up of SMT Printing Solutions (DEK) and SMT Placement Solutions (SIPLACE). Under the DEK brand, it sells best-in-class printing solutions for the electronics and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


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Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating

Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating


Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating


Solder Paste Stencils

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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)


Nano-ProTek - Stencil Coating Description:

DEK’s Nano-ProTek technology is a permanent, hydrophobic nano-coating that, when applied to the bottom-side of the stencil foil and stencil aperture walls, minimizes solder paste’s ability to stick to the foil surface. Up to a 10X increase in the number of prints before cleaning the stencil is possible as well as successful printing at lower surface area ratios.

The permanent nano-coating is extremely durable and compatible with all stencil cleaning equipment, as well as the majority of stencil cleaning solutions on the market. Lower standard deviations, higher print repeatability and minimized rework are just some of the tremendous benefits of the Nano-ProTek coating. The addition of DEK’s Nano-ProTek coating to Fine Line Stencil’s highly successful UltraSlic™ and Slic™ stencil technology further increases the performance gap between it and any other stencil technologies available today.


  • Can be applied at room temperature
  • No training requirement
  • Forms a permanent bond
  • Can be reapplied at any time; will only stick to area not already covered
  • As safe as IPA
  • REACH compliant
  • Compatible with stainless steel or nickel stencils
  • Will coat up to a 29” x 29” stencil


  • Unprecedented price-point
  • Enhances paste release
  • Reduces defects (bridging, insufficient, solder balling)
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Minimises consumables cost
  • Easy to apply
  • Dramatically improves first pass yield
  • Improves cleaning & decreases frequency for every stencil
  • Can be applied to new and existing stencils
  • No additional capital equipment required

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