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HawkEye® - High Speed Deposit Verification System

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The ASM SMT Solutions segment is made up of SMT Printing Solutions (DEK) and SMT Placement Solutions (SIPLACE). Under the DEK brand, it sells best-in-class printing solutions for the electronics and solar industries.



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HawkEye®  - High Speed Deposit Verification System

HawkEye®  - High Speed Deposit Verification System


HawkEye® - High Speed Deposit Verification System



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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)


HawkEye® - High Speed Deposit Verification System Description:

HawkEye is an automatic print verification technology that operates at the line beat rate. The system can be configured to assess 100% of printed boards and gives a rapid go/no-go indication for each, meaning that faulty boards can now be automatically isolated in real time.

The system has been designed in direct response to the needs of users who require high-speed deposit verification (paste on pad) without the overheads and complexities coupled with traditional full 2D Inspection. The HawkEye verification routine rapidly scans the board as a series of stripes and collects a tightly defined set of monochrome image data.

Comparing these results with the user-defined limits of acceptability, HawkEye quickly indicates whether the board is ready to pass through to component placement or other downstream processing. The user can also program HawkEye to inspect only certain areas of the board where, for example, print deposit density may be particularly high. This allows the user to adjust the total verification cycle time if necessary, and to derive maximum value from the system within the line beat rate.

High and ultra high speed camera options without industry equivalent available in the form of the Hawkeye750 camera running at a maximum 750mm²/second and the HawkEye1700 camera at 1700mm²/second. (Verification speeds based on 250 micron stencil apertures.)

For fully comprehensive print process support, standard HawkEye® technology is available in two additional variants to meet precise manufacturing requirements:

HawkEye® 2Di

This solution combines DEK’s verification and inspection technologies to create a comprehensive assessment package. Extending the capability of verification, full 2D inspection functionality enables even closer print process monitoring. By inspecting print quality on determined areas of boards or stencils, 2Di allows operators to both identify when a stencil clean or paste dispense is required and prevent costly defects. Combining this functionality in one cost-effective tool, HawkEye 2Di delivers all the benefits of 100% paste-on-pad control at the line-beat rate.

HawkEye® Bridging

HawkEye’s capabilities can be extended even further with the launch of HawkEye Bridging. Driven by the next-generation Instinctiv™ V9 advanced machine user interface, HawkEye’s quick, easy set-up is complemented by bridge detection at the line-beat rate, ensuring maximum quality of delivery to downstream processes. Delivering comprehensive checking for bridging, the new tool ensures that defective prints are detected in real time.

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