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DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric

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The ASM SMT Solutions segment is made up of SMT Printing Solutions (DEK) and SMT Placement Solutions (SIPLACE). Under the DEK brand, it sells best-in-class printing solutions for the electronics and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


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DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric

DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric


DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric


Cleaning Equipment

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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)


DEK Under-Stencil Cleaning Fabric Description:

DEK SMT High Performance Cleaning Rolls are engineered to boost productivity and yield, reduce the risk of defects and minimise rework. An ideal choice for a superior clean of the stencil underside.

To maximise pre-placement yield, it is imperative to perform regular, effective stencil cleaning. As high-density applications and ultra fine pitch assemblies become the norm, cleaning performance beyond conventional paper-based cleaning materials is required.

DEK offers an under Stencil cleaning roll solution to meet the stringent requirements of today’s electronics manufacturers

Why choose DEK's  Understencil Cleaning Rolls

Poor quality cleaning rolls lead to blocked apertures, low transfer efficiency, bridges and solder contamination. That’s why our quality cleaning technologies feature the attention to detail that only DEK can deliver to completely eliminate these inefficiencies for maximum yield. For example, our post-manufacturing compression process reduces the risk of lint, while our minimum length roll is still long enough to minimise changeover without exception.

The result is low lint levels, an ability to clean a variety of apertures, rapid dispense, effective wicking and ongoing productivity – the perfect foundation for your print process.

  • Absorbent, vacuum friendly & fast wicking
  • Special non-woven fabric construction reduces lint, preventing aperture blockages and contamination
  • Fabric does not compromise vacuum power, optimising aperture cleaning performance
  • Wicks consistently across the full width of the cleaning roll to ensure even distribution of the cleaning agent for a more productive clean
  • Compatible with a wide range of print platforms and advanced understencil cleaners
  • 11 metres minimum length reduces number of changeovers and total changeover time on DEK platforms
  • Dry Cycle in addition to Wet (Vac/Dry) Cycle
  • Delivers a superior clean for underside of the stencil

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