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The ASM SMT Solutions segment is made up of SMT Printing Solutions (DEK) and SMT Placement Solutions (SIPLACE). Under the DEK brand, it sells best-in-class printing solutions for the electronics and solar industries.



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Virtual Panel Tooling

Virtual Panel Tooling


Virtual Panel Tooling



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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)


Virtual Panel Tooling Description:

Virtual Panel Tooling provides just that: dozens of substrates are independently aligned, simultaneously, creating a virtual panel ready for imaging in a single cycle. This concept delivers high throughput comparable to processing panelised substrates, but with accuracy comparable to individually aligning each substrate before processing. Singulated substrates are loaded into a standard JEDEC carrier, and enter the machine simultaneously.

Specialised DEK Virtual Panel Tooling carriers are also available. Each substrate is then aligned independently by adjusting in x, y and _. They are then locked by vacuum and a surround applied to create a virtual panel. The imaging process is then completed in a single pass, creating multiple, highly accurate processed substrates at high speed.

Virtual Panel Tooling is ideal for substrate bumping, and is compatible with solder paste printing or solder ball placement processes. You can print epoxies for die attach, conductive adhesives for a number of applications; even replace dispensing processes to gain a valuable throughput advantage without compromising precision. It is also suitable for pick and place processes. The result: outstanding yield at the speed you need to meet the toughest production schedules.


  • Process multiple, singulated substrates in a single, rapid cycle
  • High throughput comparable to processing panelised substrates
  • Accuracy comparable to individually aligning each substrate before processing
  • Ideal for substrate bumping
  • Compatible with solder paste printing or solder ball placement processes
  • Outstanding yield at the speed you need to meet the toughest production schedules


  • Cycle time 30 seconds typical: 60 substrates per carrier = 7200 parts per hour
  • Development roadmap will cut cycle time to 20 seconds
  • Ultra-fine pitch and standard components
  • Compatible with standard tooling bed
  • Fits directly; runs directly from machine's five-bar pneumatic supply
  • Standard JEDEC trays or DEK Virtual Panel Tooling trays
  • Includes: tooling unit with integrated board stop, substrate surround, edge clamping rail system, alignment set-up fixture

DEK Tooling Solutions: Enabling Outstanding Process Performance

At DEK, we believe our customers have a right to expect more from the processes they run, allowing them to achieve more into the future. Whether it’s more value, more speed, or more throughput, our comprehensive portfolio of Productivity Tools is designed to extend the capabilities of even the most advanced technologies.

Incorporating our unique product and process knowhow, each DEK Productivity Tool is designed to optimise your print process and deliver the results you need.

Extend your equipment utilisation with our comprehensive range of Productivity Tools. Whatever your evolving production requirement, there is a Productivity Tool to help you rise to the challenge.

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  • Virtual Panel Tooling.

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