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Create a Quality Information Portal with Statit e-QC Statit e-QC is a dynamic Web-based application that serves as your quality information portal, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively integrate a wide array of information, and provide a centralized quality improvement application. Access Data Anywhere Statit e-QC can pull together information from a wide array of heterogeneous corporate databases and data file types. And it brings together all of the important information and documents into a single, centralized application for effective decision making. Provide Analysis Everywhere From within a Web browser, authorized internal or external users can view and analyze their operations from anywhere. From corporate headquarters to remote facilities, customer sites and supply partners, users can access the information they need to monitor, analyze and improve important processes. Keep Everyone Informed To provide continuous process improvement, it is essential that groups within the enterprise are informed on how well their processes are performing and meeting established goals and criteria. Statit e-QC meets this need by providing automated reporting, notification and an integrated dashboard which identifies process status. Provide Information On Demand To provide rapid improvements, it is essential that users have flexible access to the current information. Statit e-QC provides on-demand analysis and reporting to meet this need. Empower Everyone To Make Improvements Statit e-QC is configurable to meet a wide range of information needs and skill levels. From upper management to the manufacturing floor, everyone can utilize Statit e-QC to provide the information they need to monitor and make process improvements.

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