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ART is a world leader in the development of laser and infrared technology products used to detect anomalies in the field of medicine and in the electronics industry

Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

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Advanced Research Technologies


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ISIS� (Infrared Screening and Inspection Solutions) was developed to detect defects and manufacturing flaws in printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are assembled using surface mount technology (SMT). ISIS� uses infrared imaging and proprietary thermal algorithms to identify defective PCBs, components, and devices more simply and rapidly than existing systems. The system is intended to be a compliment or an alternative to more traditional screening and inspection systems and is designed to improve PCB manufacturer's yields. The ISIS� system has three main components: an infrared camera, a test chamber, and a computer that runs proprietary thermal analysis software that was developed by ART engineers. The PCB under test is inserted into the test chamber and then electrically stimulated, which causes it to radiate heat in a characteristic pattern across the board. This characteristic heat pattern is referred to as the thermal signature of the PCB. This image is then compared point-by-point to a standard (which is derived from imaging a number of defect-free boards). Statistically significant differences in the images indicate that an anomaly, or defect, exists in the PCB under test. For more complete information please visit the ISIS� Website.

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