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Surface Mount Technology Facility

Surface Mount Technology Facility


Surface Mount Technology Facility

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Welwyn Components� new SMT facility contains the latest manufacturing techniques for both standard and specialist chip resistors. These include high speed/ high precision printing and lasering equipment, grading and tape packing machines and a state of the art plating line. It will manufacture two of the latest innovations:- � Pulse withstanding chip resistors. The requirement, in particular, for pulse withstand capability is growing due to the need to protect sensitive modern electronic systems. To meet this demand Welwyn have designed a Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistor (PWC Series). The PWC series is available in four standard sizes 0805, 1206, 2010 and 2512, with continuous power rating from 0.125W to 1.5W at 70oC. This gives customers the ability to incorporate protection wherever it may be needed within their own circuit designs. Applications for the PWC Series vary from line protection for telecommunications to surge withstanding resistors for use in circuit breakers. � Low value chip resistors. Growing trend for portable battery powered equipment, ranging from mobile telephones to laptop computers, has led to an increased demand for low value current sensing resistors for use in power supplies, battery chargers and power monitoring circuits. To meet this demand Welwyn have produced a range of low value chip resistors, the LR Series. These are available in four standard sizes, 1206, 2010, 1225 and 2512, with a value range of 3m to 1 and tolerances down to 1%. Power ratings range from 0.5W to 3W abd the TCR is 100ppm/oC. For applications requiring greater accuracy a four terminal flip chip is also available, the LRK Series. This offers a value range of 3m to 1 with a tolerance of 1% and a power rating of 2 watts, all in a 2512 size chip. The new facility will also offer precision chip resistors with tolerances down to 0.1% and TCR down to 5ppm/oC, depending on physical size and value required. Three technologies are available, TanFilm, thick film and Nichrome thin film, to suit customer requirements. Welwyn�s Thick Film PCR Series gives designers flexibility not normally associated with precision parts, which is due to Welwyn�s ability to manufacture any value within the 10 to 1Mresistance range at tolerances down to 0.1%. These are available in three sizes 0805, 1005 and 1206, and offer excellent load stability. In addition to the standard range of chips, a specially screened version is available for ultra high reliability applications that require a 25 year operational life. Typical applications include undersea repeaters for telecommunications and space projects. Welwyn can also provide gold terminations for wire bonding applications.

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