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Sprint 4510 AFTS Flying Prober

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Manufacturer of a broad range of systems & instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and more. Products include Boundary Scan (JTAG) test systems and Flying Probe testers.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

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Sprint 4510 AFTS Flying Prober

Sprint 4510 AFTS Flying Prober


Sprint 4510 AFTS Flying Prober


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Sprint 4510 AFTS Flying Prober Description:

Practical Innovations in Flying Probe Test Technology

Operating in hundreds of plants across the world, the Sprint 4510 has been selected by original equipment manufacturers (OEM s) and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) companies alike to meet their most demanding operational requirements.

Sprint 4510 is a fourth generation flying probe tester. New capabilities and features have been designed in to tackle the next generation of test and QA challenges in electronic manufacturing. Key features include:

  • Advanced, proven architecture based on 3-phase linear platen motors with air bearings for high speed, accurate, reliable and wear-free operation
  • 4 identical flying probes with 6° probing angle
  • Quick and easy test program generation from CAD or Gerber data
  • Precision analog test
  • Boundary scan (JTAG) test

Advanced Machine Architecture at the Foundation of Sprint 4510

Surface linear motor systems with freedom of movement in X and Y directions provide the most advanced architecture for flying probe testers. Sprint’s monoplanar head arrangement allows four identical probes to contact target boards with high precision and at an optimal probing angle. Precise surface linear motors independently move the four, equal-length, equal angle probes on the same plane over the unit-under-test (UUT). A precisely controlled air gap separates motors from platens, thus providing true wear-free operation. Similar to stepper motors, linear platen motors require no feedback and operate with precision. All probes have equal geographic accessibility to the board. Better fault coverage is obtained through increased flexibility in probe usage.

An automatically adjusting printed circuit board conveyor securely aligns and clamps boards in place. A fiducial camera confirms and automatically adjusts head motion for board alignment errors.

Boundary Scan on Sprint 4510 Flying Probe Tester

Boundary Scan test (JTAG) is a test methodology based on IEEE 1149.1 standard. Compliant Semiconductors, when installed on a circuit board, allow the interconnecting nets and digital clusters such as memory devices to be tested using a simple external physical set-up. Boundary Scan (JTAG) also offers a comprehensive board-level protocol for programming flash and other programmable devices.

Integration of boundary scan test into the flying probe environment translates into important advantages;

  • Dramatic increase in test coverage by combined use of flying probe and boundary scan resources
  • More efficient shorts test using flying probes and higher throughput
  • Reusable Boundary Scan test patterns

Boundary Scan Features on Sprint 4510

  • Standard dual Boundary Scan ports
  • Factory integrated high-speed boundary scan controller with fully programmable TCK and drive levels
  • Standard Digital I/O lines
  • Optional additional boundary scan controlled digital I/Os
  • Boundary scan infra-structure test
  • Interconnect test, digital and analog cluster test, memory test
  • Flash and in-system device programming (ISP)
  • Intelligent graphical diagnostics

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