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Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx

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Manufacturer of a broad range of systems & instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and more. Products include Boundary Scan (JTAG) test systems and Flying Probe testers.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

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Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx

Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx


Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx


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Acculogic Inc.


Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx Description:

Application of new and innovative design features to increase test speed, board access, reliability, and repeat-ability, have opened up new possibilities for deployment of Acculogic’s FLS900 series testers. As the first patented flying prober with double sided testing and 24 interchangeable probe modules, the FLS900 is leading the way in defining new leaner and more efficient deployment models for production environments.

Three generations of our Flying Probe testers have been selected by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) companies across the world to meet their most demanding technological and operational requirements. Features include:

  • Full Function Double Sided System
  • Closed Loop AccuFast Drive System with ±0.1 Micron resolution
  • Configurable with up-to 24 Closed Loop Flying Probes
  • Programmable probe angle +6º to -6º degrees
  • Extensive Test capabilities Analog, Digital, Mixed signal and Boundary Scan
  • Power-on testing
  • Up-to 128 non-Mux test channels through fixed nails
  • Test largest boards 41”x 25.5” (1050 x 640mm)


Shrinking component sizes and denser chip scale packaging technologies are posing new challenges to test engineers. Test pads, traditionally installed on PCBs, are being eliminated from many designs thus reducing physical access. Flying Probers are required to operate with unprecedented precision in order to meet the new challenges.

FLS900 uses highly repeatable closed loop linear motor drives and joystick-like variable angle probe modules to maximize physical access and guarantee repeatable probing of fine pitch devices and small components like 0201, 01005s. FLS900 offers double sided probing and up to 24 probe modules on the component and solder side of the Unit Under Test (UUT) to facilitate efficient single pass testing.


Due to its modular and scalable architecture, the FLS900 guarantees superior probing precision and repeatability. Precise Closed Loop planar linear motors (shuttles) with “AccuFast™ Drive System” (±0.1 micron positioning resolution) independently move probe modules and cameras. The probe modules utilize equal-length identical probes to contact target points on the UUT. Each probe module is able to set the probing angle from 0º to 6º from vertical in any direction. The combination of shuttles’ positioning and joy-stick like probe motion ensures unmatched accessibility to points on the UUT. You can now test
boards whose layout, size, and technology defy testing on traditional in-circuit and other moving probe testers.
FLS900 system architecture ensures repeatability:

  • Closed Loop Drives for shuttles and probe modules ensure precise and repeatable positioning of the probes.
  • Riding on 12 micron air gap, shuttles travel free of friction and with no mechanical contact on the stator plane and therefore operate free of wear.
  • High resolution fiducial detection cameras, precise lighting, and advanced image processing software ensure precise and repeatable detection of fiducial marks on the UUT as well as correct compensation for any offsets.
  • The electronic measurement system relies on precision circuits and components for reliable and repeatable measurements.
  • Integrator Pro™ system control software with sophisticated motion control and measurement algorithms ensures robust and repeatable operation. Highest Fault Coverage

The high speed and precision analog measurement unit provides 4-wire measurements capability for all 24 flying probes (top and bottom sides). All probes can perform in-circuit tests as drivers, sensors, or guards on discrete and integrated analog/digital components.

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