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Flying Scorpion FLS800 - Flying Probe Tester

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Manufacturer of a broad range of systems & instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and more. Products include Boundary Scan (JTAG) test systems and Flying Probe testers.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

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Flying Scorpion FLS800 - Flying Probe Tester

Flying Scorpion FLS800 - Flying Probe Tester


Flying Scorpion FLS800 - Flying Probe Tester


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Acculogic Inc.


Flying Scorpion FLS800 - Flying Probe Tester Description:

Incorporating over 22 world-wide patents in its design and construction, Acculogic's Flying Scorpion has evolved through cutting-edge research and development since 1998, to become the leading flying probe tester in the market.

Key Features

  • Patented and proven double-sided probing
  • Patented multi-probe system (up-to 24)
  • Patented 3-D probing (programmable angle -6° to +6°)
  • Quick and easy test program generation from CAD or Gerber data
  • Precision analog test
  • Power-off patented Open Pin detection on ICs, connectors, and other devices
  • Board power-on test
  • Boundary Scan (JTAG) test
  • Mixed signal function test
  • On-board device programming
  • Advance multi-camera (up-to 8) dual sided optical inspection (AOI)
  • Advance fault coverage report generator
  • Statistical Process control (SPC)
  • Barcode reader system
  • Board marking system
  • SMEMA compatible for inline operation
  • Test large boards and backplanes


Modern large double-sided board designs and the latest high density packages increasingly make test access a challenge that only the Flying Scorpion can meet. To overcome access limitations, the Flying Scorpion fully exploits a patented dual motion concept, in which shuttles drive on frictionless air bearings across a top and a bottom stator to accurately and quickly position 3-dimensional probes. This enables landing on selected test points simultaneously on both sides of the board. So no matter how test access is distributed between the top and bottom side of your board, the Flying Scorpion will always provide a Single Pass test solution. The planar motor concept guarantees a wear-free and no-maintenance operation. The probes can automatically recognize any obstacle and adjust the targeting angle by up to 6 degrees in any direction.

The 3-dimensional joystick-like variable angle Probe module provides the probe with a freedom of movement up to ± 6° from the vertical. This combined with its double-sided probing capability provides test access not available on conventional single sided moving probe testers.

Now you can test boards whose layout, size, and technology used to defy testing on traditional in-circuit testers and 'moving' probers.


Boundary Scan test (JTAG) is a test methodology based on IEEE 1149.1 standard. Compliant Semiconductors, when installed on a circuit board, allow the interconnecting nets and digital clusters such as memory devices to be tested using a simple external physical set-up. Boundary Scan (JTAG) also offers a comprehensive board-level protocol for programming flash and other programmable devices.

Integration of boundary scan test into the flying probe environment translates into important advantages;

  • Dramatic increase in test coverage by combined use of flying probe and boundary scan resources
  • More efficient shorts test using flying probes and higher throughput
  • Reusable Boundary Scan test patterns

Boundary Scan Features

  • Standard dual Boundary Scan ports
  • Factory integrated high-speed boundary scan controller with fully programmable TCK and drive levels
  • Standard Digital I/O lines
  • Optional additional boundary scan controlled digital I/Os
  • Boundary scan infra-structure test
  • Interconnect test, digital and analog cluster test, memory test
  • Flash and in-system device programming (ISP)
  • Intelligent graphical diagnostics

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