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Parmod�, Parelec Inc�s patented conductive ink technology, enables the formation of continuous-phase pure metallic conductors at relatively low temperature�making them suitable for application to polymer substrates. Parmod� inks, pastes and toners can be applied by conventional printing processes such as screen or gravure printing to produce fully-additive printed circuits and interconnects. Comprised of metal particles in a reactive organic medium (ROM) that volatilizes during the heating process, the Parmod� family of products includes silver and copper, as well as a variety of other metal and oxide compositions. Parmod� can be printed and cured on polymer substrates, with conductivities that approach those of bulk metal. Our products enable low-cost, high-yield manufacturing in a fully additive process--eliminating etching and plating costs. Parmod� materials and technology offer developers of consumer and industrial electronics an exciting new array of design opportunities. Our customers include manufacturers of rigid and flexible circuits, RFID antenna, membrane switches and high density interconnects for advanced semiconductor packaging. From traditional line widths to fine traces, Parmod� meets the manufacturing demands of today's high-tech marketplace and pushes the limits of what's possible.

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