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** Measure machine Cp and Cpk performance indices!! ** This mobile product and service offers an objective and independent test for all brands and models of SMT printer, dispenser and placement equipment. Innovative hardware and software solutions operate the CmController and provide quick statistical results on machine performance and process capability.

Hudson, New Hampshire, USA

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CeTaQ Americas, LLC (formerly EAGLE-EYED ONE Sales & Service)


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The CmController is a system incorporating a highly accurate mechanical measurement system that is powered by a statistical, algorithm driven software backbone. The basis of the evaluation is to determine machine and process capability. **************************************************************** CmController BENEFITS: �Quick ROI (Return on Investment) reported in less than 4 months �Significant Defect Reduction �Increase Yield - rates up to 25% immediately �Optimize performance for enhanced productivity and profitability �Minimize repair time and cost with accurate troubleshooting �Reduce operator intervention �PM (Preventive Maintenance) validation before production startup *************************************************************** PRODUCT AND SERVICE FEATURES: �Independent 3rd party analysis tool for machine and process capability validation �Evaluate and certify used or refurbished equipment before purchase �Standardized statistical output and reporting module �ISO/QS compliance through documented certification reports �Periodic certification produces realized impact �Verification of machine calibration tools and methods �Investigative tool for solving production problems

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