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MCA/PCA Testing

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** Measure machine Cp and Cpk performance indices!! ** This mobile product and service offers an objective and independent test for all brands and models of SMT printer, dispenser and placement equipment. Innovative hardware and software solutions operate the CmController and provide quick statistical results on machine performance and process capability.

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MCA/PCA Testing

MCA/PCA Testing


MCA/PCA Testing

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CeTaQ Americas, LLC (formerly EAGLE-EYED ONE Sales & Service)


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Machine and Process Capability tests are used to verify intended performance. A Machine Capability Analysis (MCA)test evaluates a desired machine's accuracy and repeatability under it's own load, specifically the vision alignment system. MCA studies are usually run on screen printers. Process Capability Analysis (PCA) testing yields results that evaluate the performance condition of equipment during process load scenarios. For example, actual screen printing, dispensing or placing components on glass plates exercises the machine under normal operating conditions. This type of test demonstrates what can be expected during normal production. **************************************************************** Remember, Eighty percent of failures are systematic, which means they can be adjusted out of the machine using these methods. The overall end result is equipment that PERFORMS better, providing more PRODUCTIVITY and additional PROFITABILITY for your company!!

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