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Camstar is the leading provider of Collaborative Manufacturing Execution (CME) solutions for global manufacturers. Only Camstar, with customers around the world, enables manufacturers to fully leverage Live production information across the enterpris

What Is Live? Live Manufacturing encompasses a new way of managing global operations and integrating them into business-critical decisions across the enterprise and supply chain. Becoming live means achieving real-time, detailed visibility and control over all elements of manufacturing, and sharing that information among multiple business systems and between distributed manufacturing sites and partners. Through access to live manufacturing information -which is rich real-time production information - from across global operations, companies are empowered to achieve new levels of production responsiveness, productivity and collaboration. Becoming live enables manufacturers to: Better manage inventory and customer orders Optimize yields Speed management decision-making Remove delays from the production process Improve long-term planning. Camstar Is Leading the Live Revolution. Only Camstar's Virtual Factory� enables major manufacturers to go live across the enterprise and supply chain. Camstar's mission is to lead the industry in helping all global manufacturers achieve Live Everywhere Manufacturing by 2005. This industry agenda includes three major components: Gaining Live visibility and control across distributed manufacturing facilities Sharing Live production information with major suppliers and business partners Providing customers with Live visibility as needed.

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Virtual Factory - InSiteLive

Virtual Factory The Virtual Factory�, anchored by InSiteLive, includes six powerful modules that act as a collaboration hub allowing live information to be freely shared among a variety of business systems, manufacturing sites and partners. The Virt...

Virtual Factory - InSiteLive
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