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Eclipse Industries DS-107 Aligner Bonder The DS-107 Aligner Bonder is an ultra-high precision, high or low force aligner bonder. Constructed on a granite platform for superior stability and rigidity, the DS-107 is designed for alignment accuracy of 1-2 microns and bond forces from 5 grams to 100 kg. The DS-107 can handle substrates up to 300mm x 300 mm and die up to 50 mm x 50 mm. Both die and substrate surfaces can be heated independently allowing for programmable temperature profiling of the bonding process. A unique pitch-and-roll mechanism assures a high degree of component co-planarity. The high resolution up/down viewing microscope provides improved optical clarity and versatility. Bonding recipes can be developed and stored off-line in a Visual Basic-based, menu-driven recipe system and downloaded via Ethernet to the DS-107. Designed for reliable and accurate operation with the user�s future needs in mind, the DS-107 Aligner Bonder can be equipped with automatic die and substrate load and unload, underfill/adhesive dispensing system, UV curing and a variety of illumination and optical options. To avoid �holding the customer hostage�, Eclipse Industries applied the �open system architecture� concept to the control system. All control system components are readily available �off-the-shelf� through normal industrial supply channels. Software is supported by third-party systems integrators. Custom applications are easily developed. The DS-107 can be used for flip chip assembly, die bonding, CSP, uBGA, multichip modules, flat panel display assembly, and die-to-wafer bonding. Optoelectronic applications include mounting laser chips to submounts and package assembly. In addition to flexible and ceramic substrates, the DS-107 can accommodate a wide variety of other types of substrates.

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