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APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System

APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System

APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System


APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System


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Manufacturer of high-performance precision rework systems for the electronics bench. Product lines include: Hand Soldering and Desoldering, Convection Rework products, Fume Extraction and Fluid Dispensing tools.

Cypress, California, USA

Adhesives/Dispensing, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Repair/Rework, Soldering

  • Phone 1-714-799-9910
  • Fax 1-714-828-2001

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APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System Description:

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The Scarab is a Metcal System designed to remove the solder that is left on the PC board after BGA removal.

The Scarab Site Cleaning System ensures accurate and repeatable cleaning of the component pad in one user friendly, single system.

The cost and complexity of today’s electronic assemblies are forcing manufacturers to reexamine the tools and techniques in operation today. Contactless cleaning of component pads prior to component replacement is a growing need in the industry.

The Scarab Site Cleaning System ensures accurate and repeatable cleaning of the component pad in one user friendly, single system. The Scarab System redefines performance and addresses the technical demands presented by component manufacturers today. 

The Scarab Site Cleaning System addresses industry needs with an automated system capable of cleaning components pads without contact. The motorized design allows the system to clean without contact component pads up to 50mm x 50mm within a 101mm x.

The system can accurately and repeatedly clean pads with pitches of 0.2mm to 1.5mm. The open-ended board holder fits a wide variety of large, small and odd-shaped boards while allowing positioning over the patented dual subzone preheater. 

The Scarab Site Cleaning System joins the Scorpion Rework System as a solution to the challenges faced by manufacturers in today’s rework environment. 

Operation Features  

  • Compact footprint for easy bench top use 
  • Multiple reflow and vacuum nozzles available to meet your application requirements
  • Precision laser height sensor adjusts the Z-axis automatically for consistent operation over the solder removal area
  • The system features an option for removing reworkable epoxy underfill from the pad area
  • Easy to change collection change for quick and easy disposal of collected solder and glue

Hardware Features 

  • Desktop sized
  • 2800W dual zone preheater with 550W top heater
  • 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A-13A, Single Phase
  • A 343mm (13.5") x open-ended PCB holder
  • Motorized X, Y and Z axis movement on linear rails for long-life and minimal maintenance
  • Linux-based integral computer
  • External USB for file transfer
  • Ethernet connection for remote file management
  • Venturi based vacuum system which requires shop air 

Software Features 

  • Auto-Profiling allows operators the ability to create successful reflow profiles the first time 
  • On the fly profile management of target set points, adding and subtracting time zones, and profile measurement points 
  • Real time graphical display of solder joint temperatures 
  • Internal storage of profile data with expansion and transfer via a USB flash drive
  • Graphics-based user interface for simple operation 
  • Password protection for operators and engineers 

The standalone Scarab Site Cleaning System allows you to add site cleaning capability to your operation without the investment of replacing your current component rework system.

Technical Specification

Part No.  Description 
APR-2000-SCS Scarab Site Cleaning System
APR-2100-SCS Scarab Site Cleaning System with Underfill
Removal Kit
APR-SCS-UK1 Underfill Removal Upgrade Kit
System Dimensions W x D x H 457mm x 559mm x 660mm (18” x 22” x 26”)
 Weight   63.5kg (140lbs)
 Input Voltage  208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15 Amp Single Phase
 Power Consumption - System  2,800W
   Inner Zone  900W
   Outer Zone  1,800W
   Reflow Heater  550W
Maximum Relative Humidity  80% at 31°C (88°F) decreasing linearly 
to 50% at 40°C (104°F)
Maximum Altitude  2km (6,500 ft.)
Pollution Degree  2 per IEC 644
Insulation Category  II
Temperature Control Type  Closed-Loop Control (Thermocouple)
Laser Class - Alignment Sensor  FDA Class IIIa
Laser Class - Laser Height Sensor  FDA Class II
Maximum Source Temperature
   Reflow Head  400°C (752°F)
   Pre-Heater (Inner/Outer)  350°C (662°F)
 Airflow Control  Low, Medium, High
Vacuum (Venturi generated)  23 inHg @80-100 psi
Collection Chamber Capacity  6.3ml
PCB Handling Capability
   Maximum Size  304.8mm x open (13.5” x open)
   Maximum Thickness  6mm (0.25”)
System Warranty  One-year parts & labor

View APR Scarab Series Site Cleaning System on Metcal website

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