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Mask Alinger - Lithopack300

Mask Alinger - Lithopack300

Mask Alinger - Lithopack300


Mask Alinger - Lithopack300

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SUSS MicroTec AG


Mask Alinger - Lithopack300 Description:

SUSS MicroTec's newest product offering is a 300 mm lithography cluster which consists of an MA300 mask aligner module linked to an ACS300 spin-coating system. LithoPack300 (LP300) is specifically designed for wafer bumping and wafer level packaging applications on 300 mm wafers. The LP300 allows quick change over from 300 mm to 200 mm wafers and is an attractive solution not only to mass manufacturers of 300 mm wafers but also to wafer bumping service providers with only limited volumes of 300 mm wafers. Other packaging specific features like edge bead removal and backside rinsing have been integrated. Together with modules for resist bake and resist developing, the cluster can be configured for any thick resist process. The ACS300 spincoater's architecture and process modules are specifically adapted to the needs of the advanced packaging industry. Wafer level back end technology requires very thick photo resist layers of up to 100 microns and BCB or Polyimide processing. The spin coating modules, therefore, include Suss' patented GYRSET technique that allows important material savings. The MA300 exposure unit is a 300 mm full-field proximity mask aligner that enables wafers to be exposed in a single step, offering a maximum throughput of more than 100 wafers per hour. Compared to steppers, mask aligners do not only offer lower capital spending and higher throughput but also a significant technical advantage because the tool offers 100 percent flexibility in edge processing. Mask aligners can print any feature at the edge of a wafer while a stepper has to expose the wafer edge with the reticle layout used for each step. This is an important advantage for mask aligner technology especially when subsequent metallization of bumps or redistribution traces is done by electroplating.

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