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1109 20GHz TDR Tester

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HDI Solutions Inc.

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HDI Solutions Inc.

Welcome to the next generation in PWB test solutions. We combine an exceptional team of technology and applications experts with HIOKI's industry-leading systems to enhance your reliability and to speed up your product development process.

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1109 20GHz TDR Tester Description:

1109 20GHz TDR Tester Product Classification: TDR Method Impedance Tester for High Speed, High Frequency Boards Product Description: The 1109 20GHz TDR Tester provides a test head equipped with dedicated high-frequency probes for TDR measurement with extremely fast rise time. Product Applications: Inspection of Regular Rigid or Flex boards, MCM, BGA, FC-PGA, FC-BGA, CSP and memory boards. Can also test large multi-sample boards

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