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Led Displays

Led Displays


Led Displays

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Long Mark Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


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The SDV-111 series led signs are versatile and instant to run. The main features include: - 16 colors with 7 English and European character fonts - large storage of 100 pages or 7,000 characters - 24 eye-catching display effects - built-in message display scheduler - built-in graphic symbols and animations - automatic power on / off - display date and time function - built-in with remote infrared control and PC serial interface - support inter-networking up to 16 groups of led signs - Power: AC and DC12V - PC software, infrared remote keypad, mounting kit and serial cable included - low cost: US$120 Ex-Hong Kong Office - Option: Ultrabright Blue and Normal Red Other products include 7 segment led display modules for applications like currency exchange rate board (US$250), led digital outdoor clock, industrial counters, etc. and 2 line tri-color led displays. We make custom led signs!!!!!! Please contact Simon Pun at for details.

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