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Versatile Real Time Controller

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Versatile Real Time Controller

Versatile Real Time Controller


Versatile Real Time Controller

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Murtec Controls Ltd


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The VRTC provides 8 or 16 control channels each rated at 16A, suitable for control of 3 phase circuits. There are 4 control channels (8 input version will be available soon). The outputs are under control of a user program which defines operation times for during which time the output behaves as specified - it may follow solar time, be on or act under the control of one or more inputs. The are 8 programmes each can be associated with any weekday(s). Solar control times can be offset by +/- 60 min either way and dusk & dawn offsets are independent. Typically the controller is used to control lighting in large buildings or areas such as car parks - it can also be used for festive lighting and process control applications, heating control or any combination. The applications are limited only by your imagination. More than a time clock but less complex than a PLC it is ideally suited to building control applications.

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