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Heat-activated, anti-static cover tapes for component packaging offer superior bond performance, resistivity and adhesive integrity. WAFERTAPE products for wafer mounting, dicing and backgrinding insure consistent, precise, repeatable wafer yields.

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

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NEPTCO�s WAFERTAPE family of products for wafer mounting, dicing and backgrinding is designed to insure consistent, precise, and repeatable wafer production yields. NEPTCO's superior coating technology encompasses Total Thickness Variation (TTV) control, expandable base film, and a special low-extractable release liner which reduces silicon residue by a significant margin. For over 10 years NEPTCO has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of heat-activated, anti-static cover tape. In order to serve a broad range of industry requirements, we have developed cover tapes designed to bond to polystyrene, polycarbonate, and PVC. All perform within the standards called for in industry specification EIA 481.

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