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Combining seamless roaming capability, a low operating voltage and low power consumption, the Cirronet WIT2410 represents the next generation of wireless OEM transceiver modules. Smaller than a business card and just 9mm thick, the WIT2410 utilizes 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology providing immunity to both jamming and multipath fading. Certified by the FCC and CE marked, the WIT2410 can be used license-free worldwide. Mobile. Used with the companion SNAP2410 access point, the WIT2410 provides seamless roaming. With 16 million factory-set addresses available, the 2410 can move from access point to access point without the need for re-synchronizing. This means the application can be in constant communication with each 2410, even when the user moves from one access point to another. Measuring just 80mm x 47mm x 9mm and weighing 43 grams, the WIT2410 can be integrated into a portable or handheld device with little impact on the size and weight. The 3.3 volt operating voltage and 25 mA standby current consumption make the 2410 well suited for battery operation. Versatile. All of the module parameters are configurable under software control. Even transmit power can be selected through a straightforward command set. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint modes are supported using a dynamically assigned TDMA mode. Standard communication rates between the 2410 and the host are supported between 1200 bps and 230.4 Kbps. Non-standard rates are supported as well. Reliable. The WIT2410 provides both reliable communication and reliable operation. With Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, the WIT2410 provides immunity to jamming as well as immunity to multipath fading. Using Automatic Retransmit Request (ARQ) in addition to a 3K buffer, transparent error-free communication is automatic. The built-in data scrambling adds a measure of security. Simple. Simple to use and simple to integrate. Although the WIT2410 offers great flexibility, the factory default settings work for many applications. For those other applications, software control makes changing settings simple. The WIT2410, with its small size and low power consumption, is simple to integrate into your product. The RS-232 style interface with standard CMOS signal levels makes the electronic integration easy. Since the WIT2410 is FCC certified and CE marked as a module, your 2410-based product does not have to repeat the FCC or ETSI type approval.

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