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Eurotech SpA. has just released a highly integrated and powerful PC/104Plus CPU module, based on the NS Geode GX1 processor: the CPU-1432. The CPU-1432 is an Embedded Pentium-class Computer in an extremely compact PC/104-Plus form factor that can be easily expanded with other PC/104 or PC/104Plus modules. The Module dimensions are: 90 mm x 96 mm (3.6� x 3.8�). Inside the Geode GX1 processor there is a low power Pentium-like core running at 266-300MHz and a Graphical Engine, with a UMA Architecture. The module can be equipped with 64 or 128 MB of DRAM for demanding graphical applications. Integrated peripheral controllers include: SVGA (resolution up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, 8bpp), two Serial ports (one can be RS232/422/485), one bi-directional EPP/ECP parallel port, one 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet controller, one IDE interface (up to 2 IDE drives), Keyboard, Mouse, one USB port and one AC97 Audio Sound Port. The Eurotech BIOS is easily customized and upgraded. It is re-programmable on-board and is located, with its extensions, in a 1 MB Flash EPROM. The BIOS needs 384KB, so 640KB are available to be used as Read-Only Disk to store the OS and the User Programs/Data. The set-up parameters are saved on the same Flash allowing the module to operate without a battery. The module supports SSD (Solid State Disk) IDE devices such as DOM, Compact Flash and ATA Flash, that perform like standard Hard Disks, and can be used to store data in rugged conditions where standard devices cannot operate reliably. Other peripherals available on-board are: a Floppy Disk controller that is multiplexed with the parallel port, the RTC and a Watch Dog. The CPU-1432 has been designed for high performance embedded applications, such as medical devices, automotive (AVL and AVM), industrial automation, surveillance, security, quality inspection, and HMI (Human Machine Interface). The SVGA controller on-board supports both LCD-TFT and CRT interfaces that allows the customer to use a wide range of monitors available on the market. When used with other new Eurotech products like the INT-1460 and INT-1461 frame grabbers, and the CTR-1470 MPEG-1 Encoder, the CPU-1432 becomes an ideal choice for embedded video acquisition systems. The CPU-1432 supports several operating systems available for standard PC platforms, including: Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, QNX, VxWorks, WinCE and Linux. The module works with a single +5V only, and has very low power consumption (4W-5.5W) compared to other Pentium-class computers. Furthermore, like all Eurotech products, the CPU-1432 has been designed for harsh environments and for high reliability applications. It can resist vibrations, humidity, and both high and low temperatures. Its standard operating temperature is 0�C to +60�C, but versions with extended temperature range (down to �55�C and up to +85�C) are also available.

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