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SACInternational MaterialsResearch

Scientific research in advanced materials and Ceramic composites-based materials.Bio ceramics, Indsutrial ceramics.nonmetalliv

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

  • Phone (905)238-5764
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SAC International Materials Research has enteredits 15th anneversory with great scientif accomplishments in the area of advanced materials developments and technologies. Advanced ceramics for different high tech industries are the key area for competetive production and cost effective operations. Highly thermally stable materials for steel and metals industries, corrosion resistant materails for chemical and pertochemical industries that will help them to reduce downtime and maxmize productivity and enhance product quality..all can be achieved through a dedicated selection of materials composition, processing and properties evaluation and charecterization..SAC Interantional Materials Research can provide you with the solution of your long time problems..the time is money..we are here to help needs only an email with your information about your needs..

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