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ONSPEC Process Control Software

ONSPEC Process Control Software

ONSPEC Process Control Software


ONSPEC Process Control Software

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Automation ONSPEC Software Inc.

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Automation ONSPEC Software Inc.

Professional Supervisiory Control and Data Acquisition HMI/MMI Software

Rancho Cordova, California, USA

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The ONSPEC Family of Automation Software are product offerings for those clients seeking to maximize the use of key variable data from the plant floor or process throughout an organization. It includes a Human Machine Interface, an advanced supervisory control and monitoring solution using a PC based control strategy. ONSPEC is designed to work with plant-floor automation systems to provide real-time data acquisition and control for the plant's environment with support for a plant wide database. The benefits of such a system is to integrate strategies such as intranets into the plant floor, provide a cost-effective solution over the traditional Distributed Control System with better management of plant-floor concerns and ease-of-use for operators and management. Evaluation copy available,

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