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Evatronix provides IP cores, VHDL & Verilog model development services as well as FPGA design services (Altera & Xilinx) and hardware & software development for microcontroller based systems.


The portfolio includes also interface controllers for a high‐speed serial communication protocols. The design services range from the development of high quality models to creating complete electronic products. Evatronix provides its products and services to a wide range of customers in the electronic industry worldwide. IP cores are sold through a distribution network, while electronic design services are handled by Evatronix.
The company was established in 1991 as a reseller of CAD & EDA systems. In 1997 it started activities in the field of IP cores focusing on development of commodity IP cores, revitalizing industry standard architectures for use in system‐on‐chip design. In 2008 a fully controlled daughter company, Evatronix IP, was funded to focus on their core RTD business.

Tasks in the project:

Evatronix will be involved in WP4 delivering their know‐how in a domain of digital design. It will participate in the development of interface specifications between digital and mm‐wave part (T4.1). It will take part in a digital baseband processor design and its implementation in FPGA (T4.2). It will contribute to the integration of the baseband processor with a front‐end circuitry and ADC to demonstrate a mm‐wave SoC integration (T4.4).


Evatronix IP has expertise in electronic circuits and systems design. Its core competencies cover modelling, verification, implementation and testing of digital electronic components (in VHDL, Verilog, and higher‐level languages), as well as development and programming of microcontrollers and embedded systems. Evatronix took part in a number of international R&D projects. As a digital core provider Evatronix collaborated on development and verification of a mixed‐mode high‐speed serial interface in the recent years.

Product lines cover a multitude of solutions from interface controllers (USB, Ethernet) through microprocessors (8051 derivative) to integrated System-on-Chip development platforms.

Evatronix SA Postings

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T8051 - The World's Smallest 8051 IP core Microcontroller

The T8051 the world’s smallest 8051 IP core of a microcontroller which executes ASM51 instruction set. It provides an interface for serial communication, timer, multi-purpose I/O ports, hardware interrupts and debugger interface. Th...


T8051 - The World's Smallest 8051 IP core Microcontroller

R80251XC - Ultra fast, configurable 32-bit 8051 IP core microcontroller

The R80251XC is a fast, configurable, single-chip internally 32-bit microcontroller IP core compatible to the MCS® 251 and MCS® 51 instruction set. This highly efficient design runs an average of 3.18 times faster than the 80C251 at the sa...


R80251XC  - Ultra fast, configurable 32-bit 8051 IP core microcontroller

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Evatronix Adds the SDLL NAND Flash PHY IP to Its Memory Controller IP Portfolio

Mar 23, 2011 | Evatronix SA announced the introduction of a SDLL NAND Flash PHY IP that would complement the digital controller IP and provide System-on-Chip developers with a complete solution for High-Speed NAND Flash memories.

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