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MobilEye Vision System on a Chip

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MobilEye develops driving assistance systems based on a single video camera. As a result, there is no need for multiple cameras calibration and synchronization. The novel video analysis algorithms achieve unmatched performance in poor lighting, rain and night conditions. The MobilEye System-on-Chip (SoC) will deliver a solution for computaionally intensive applications for real-time visual recognition and scene interpretation customized for use in intelligent vehicle systems. The system detects vehicles, pedestrians and road markings to provide an intelligent driver assistance system. Though the chip architecture is designed to have a full-fledged application on a single chip, the SOC is completely programmable to accommodate a wide range of visual processing applications beyond automotive specific applications. To further maximize cost performance, all peripheral circuits are integrated in to the SoC, including dual CAN interfaces, UART, SDRAM controller, parallel I/O, and Video image data capture units. The System-on-Chip will be manufactured using the leading CMOS 0.18 micron technology, operating at 140Mhz. The product will be designed to receive full cabin-grade automotive qualification.

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