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C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc.

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C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc.

CEPA produces and delivers coaxial cable assemblies for aerospace, military and commercial interconnect applications. High performance, low loss phase stable,phase matched, radiation hardened,space qualified,high temperature, ruggedized.

Chandler, Arizona, USA

  • Phone 480 940 0740
  • Fax 480 961 4754
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Since 1986, C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc. (CEPA) has buiilt a reputation of producing and delivering quality products for aerospace, military, and commercial interconnect applications. Our goal is to contunue providing high quality products that meet our customer's needs ans expectotions at competitive prices. Build-to-print and custom design of flexible and simi-rigid coaxial cable assemblies from DC to 65GHz, delay lines, wire harnesses, and unique custom designed connectors. Types of cable assemblies include, but are not limited to,high performance test, low loss, phase stable, phase matched, ruggedized, radiation hardened, low outgassing, space qualified, high power, high temperature, and cryogenic temperature assemblies. We also build baluns, phase matched coaxial transformers, and handle general electronic and electro-mechanical assembly work.

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