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TREK Industries, Inc.

TREK Industries, Inc.


TREK Industries, Inc.

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TREK INDUSTRIES is a recognized leader in cleaning equipment for the most demanding applications. This experience in controlled process and precision cleaning has become valuable in working with many critical cleaning applications such as printed circuit boards, flip chip / ball grid arrays, lenses, batteries, castings, stampings, bearings, screw machine parts, along with many others. Our product line includes Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous Systems, Multi-Chamber Batch Machines, Distillable Chemistry Vapor Cleaners and continuous Strip Cleaning Systems. Our line also includes Water Treatment Systems, Stencil Cleaners and Ionic Contamination Cleaning and Measuring Equipment. New to our product line is the ACS Series Airless Cleaning Systems, which has been designed for use with non-combustible solvents whose atmospheric boiling points are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and where emissions requirements are typically less than 1 lb. per day.

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