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Linecard: Ametherm Thermistors. NTC Thermistors and Inrush-current Limiters for circuit protection and thermal management. Radial lead and Surface mount. Ratings up to 40A/350J. CSA approved. Made in USA. CKE High Voltage Rectifiers, MOV�s and Assemblies. High Power/High Voltage Assemblies (2500/1000A). Selenium Surge Suppressors. Silicon Transient Voltage Suppressors. Linear Magnetics Corp. Power Supplies. AC Power Distribution Units. UL2601 Approved Medical Isolation Units. Power Line Conditioners. Custom DC Linear Power Supplies (Single and 3-Phase). HV Component Assoc. High Voltage Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers and Assemblies. Voltage Multiplier Assemblies. Power diodes. Marelco Transformers. Single and Multi-phase to 1.2MVA. Machine tool/Control/Motor Drive Transformers. Inductors. Transformers w/integrated 24VDC regulated DC Power Supplies. Payton Planar Magnetics. High frequency (20KHz-2MHz), high efficiency (99%) SMPS magnetics from 5W to 20KW. Planetics unique patented breakthrough technology can reduce the size/weight of your transformer by up to 80%. Plitron Toroidal Power Transformers. Cooler, quieter and smaller than conventional transformers. Medical (UL2601), Audio, Telecom. Standard and Custom designs with UL/CSA/VDE/IEC and CE family approvals. RFI Filters, Magnetics, Capacitors, PFN�s/Modulators. HV Magnetics (200kV/2000A), HV Caps (500uF/200kV) for DC, pulse and partial discharge. High Power Filters (5000A), Filtered Terminal Blocks (1750V, 100A).

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