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Stamped Circuit Boards (SCB)

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We design and manufacture SMT assembly materials.

W. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA


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Stamped Circuit Boards (SCB)

Stamped Circuit Boards (SCB)


Stamped Circuit Boards (SCB)



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As requirements are increasing, so are electronic systems becoming smaller and smaller and more complex. In its role as innovative forerunner Heraeus, the precious metals and technology company, has reacted to precisely this continuing trend towards miniaturization by developing smart new solutions.

Stamped Circuit Board (SCB) technology is especially designed for small circuits. It permits the structuring and laminating of metal-plastic combinations in a highly efficient mass production process for millions of parts. Heraeus has thus succeeded in setting a new, worldwide substrate standard in microelectronics.

Heraeus stamped flexible substrates have been used in electronics for many years. An area of application where Heraeus is highly competent is RFID technology. Thin coated metals with material thicknesses and structure sizes down to 60 μm are used as carriers for chips. Amongst other applications they are used in biometric passports. Heraeus has already given an impressive demonstration of its unique production expertise in this field with millions of identity cards worldwide.

SCB technology goes a step further and offers a large number of advantages compared with other substrate technologies. The further development is going from single layered metal substrates to multiple layered systems. Here structured metal layers can be combined with structured plastic layers. Similar to circuit boards, this layer structure can be composed of glass fi ber reinforced epoxy and copper.

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