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Majelac Technologies

Majelac Technologies


Majelac Technologies

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Majelac Technologies


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Majelac Technologies provides subcontract assembly services to the semiconductor & optoelectronic industries. We specialize in Quick Turn Assembly & Packaging of Ball Grid Array packages and can handle a large variety of other package types.�Majelac's services include IC assembly, SMT assembly, Multi Chip Module assembly, dicing, die sorting, BGA reballing and header attach. Our package capabilities include Ceramic, Plastic, BGA, PGA, and more. Wafer Dicing, Die Bonding, Wire Bonding, Sorting, and Encapsulation are performed in a class 10000 clean room. We also utilize a class 1000 clean room and clean hoods for more critical applications. Majelac understands that time to market is critical to its customers. We have invested in highly automated flexible equipment. This investment allows us to produce your IC package in the shortest possible cycle time. We use CAD import to setup our wire bonders. Using this technique we can teach a new prototype device in the time it takes to cure the die attach epoxy. Speed is useless without Quality and our process has been developed to produce repeatable results. We offer fine-pitch wire bonding down to 60 microns with three rows of bond pads, and plans are in place to introduce 45 micron pitch by the end of 2002. We also can assemble prototype quantities of Flip Chip devices. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.�

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