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LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling

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With its broad product range LPKF is one of the world market leaders in the "in-house rapid PCB prototyping" and "StencilLaser" services

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LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling

LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling


LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling



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LPKF Laser & Electronics


LPKF ProtoMat H100 PCB Milling Description:

Fully Automated for High-Performance Rapid PCB Prototyping


  • Milling/drilling 1- & 2-sided PCBs
  • Milling/drilling RF- & microwave substrates
  • Multilayer PCBs up to 8 layers
  • Contour routing circuit boards
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuit milling
  • Front panels/sign engraving
  • Machining cut-outs in front panels
  • SMD stencil cutting
  • Inspection templates

The ProtoMat H100 is LPKF’s top-of-the-line circuit board plotter, ideal for all in-house prototyping applications, including multilayer and RF applications. The fully automated ProtoMat H100 features the highest spindle speed possible – resulting in the precision circuit geometries today’s high-frequency and microwave applications demand – and a pneumatic working depth limiter, for surface-sensitive substrates. The ProtoMat H100 is specially designed to handle larger working surfaces, 380 mm x 420 mm (15” x 16.5”). The ProtoMat H100 is an indispensable component of any development group where speed, precision, and simplicity are absolutely required.

Precision and speed

The ProtoMat® H100 delivers unmatched precision with system resolution as fine as 0.25 µm (0.01 mils). Each system is factory-calibrated for unsurpassed overall accuracy. As a result, the plotter can mill and drill all types of PCBs with extremely fine traces, specializing in precision trace geometries. Its milling head travel speed of 100 mm (4") per second and high-performance 100,000 RPM spindle motor makes it the premiere high-speed performer for producing quality PCBs in-house with clean, nearly perfect traces.

No-Contact Working Depth Limiter

The ProtoMat® H100 features a fully pneumatic working depth limiter. This allows the H100 to mill, drill, and depanel an entire circuit with nothing but the tools touching the work surface. The pneumatic working depth limiter is ideal for delicate or surface-sensitive substrates, such as polished metal, soft plastics, flexible substrates, etc.

Automatic Depth Control Sensing

The ProtoMat® H100 is fully capable of automatically sensing the work surface as it operates, precisely automating a task that normally requires careful manual operation.

Vacuum tabletop

This vacuum table top holds the work piece tightly against the work surface, eliminating any substrate irregularities such as twisting or warpage. The tabletop also prevents the material from slipping.

Fiducial recognition camera

Improve the ease-of-use and the precision of front-to-back registration of multilayer boards by using a Fiducial Recognition Camera. The accompanying driver software integrates seamlessly with LPKF's BoardMaster software and provides automatic recognition and alignment to existing fiducials in the circuit board. The fiducial camera requires one available PCI slot in the control computer.

Extra Large Circuit Board Plotting

The ProtoMat® H100 is especially well suited for larger PCB substrates, up to 380 mm x 365 mm (15” x 14.4”).

Multilayer Circuit Boards

The ProtoMat® H100 is ideal for mutilayered circuit boards, especially when coupled with a fiducial recognition camera for absolute precision placement.

Convenience and easy handling

The ProtoMat® H100's rich featureset and simple, automatic operation are quick and easy to master. Board production can begin within minutes of switching on the machine. A standard USB or RS-232 cable connects the S100 to any Windows-compatible computer.

Automatic tool change

Advanced features include a 30 -position tool changer that automatically replaces milling and drilling tools while the board is being produced. This reduces setup time, and allows for unattended operation.

Integrated head lighting

Shadow-free illumination of the milling area from integrated head lighting makes direct quality control faster and easier.

Silence and security

An integrated acoustic cabinet reduces system sounds and acts as a protective cover. The plotter can safely operate in any work environment.

CAM software included

Each plotter comes with comprehensive LPKF CircuitCAM and BoardMaster software for importing PCB data from any CAD package and for controlling the operation of the plotter. This easy-to-use software, developed by LPKF, processes the same data that would be sent to a PCB manufacturer.

Three-dimensional operation

With its unique motorized Z-axis drive, the ProtoMat® H100 is ideal for machining instrument front panels and housings, as well as pockets in microwave boards. It can also mill around mounted PCB components, simplifying board rework and depanelization jobs.

Technical Specifications:

Max. material size and layout area (X/Y/Z)

380 mm x 365 mm x 14 mm (15” x 14.4” x 0.55”)

Resolution (X/Y)

0,25 μm (0.01 mil)


± 0.001 mm (± 0.04 mil)

Precision of front-to-back alignment

± 0.02 mm (± 0.8 mil)

Milling spindle

Max. 100,000 rpm, software controlled

Tool change

Automatic, 30 positions

Milling width adjustment


Tool holder

3.175 mm (1/8”), pneumatic release holder

Drilling speed

120 strokes/min

Travel speed (X/Y)

Max. 150 mm/s (6”/s)


3-phase stepper motor

Dimensions (W x H x D)

650 mm x 430 mm x 750 mm (25.6” x 17” x 29.5”)


50 kg (110 lbs)

Power supply

115/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 300 W

Compressed air supply

6 bar (87 psi), 100 l/min (3.5 cfm)

Required accessories

Exhaust, included

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