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APH Associates, Inc.

We are sales outsourcers - we develop and manage salesforces for manufacturing companies in the U.S., UK and Europe providing a turn-key sales operation with experienced, focused salesforces at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

Wayne, New Jersey, USA

  • Phone 973 389 7717
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APH Associates enables trade for foreign companies with vision to capitalize on the market opportunities that North America offers. This is done by developing, recruiting and managing sales channels utilizing independent sales agents, distributors and VARs (value-added resellers). APH takes outsourcing to a new level - Field Sales Outsourcing Management -- we handle the entire sales function for our clients in North America - from design and recruitment of the sales channel to day-to-day management of the salesforce. Time to market may not show up on a balance sheet, but it can be critical to the company�s success and bottom line. Utilizing established independent sales organizations with existing customer bases gets a company in front of decision-makers at their targeted customers instantaneously! APH makes investments in technology, facilities, etc. on behalf of many clients, not just one. Shared investment spreads risk, and significantly reduces the costs borne by a single company. Our clients can benefit from the economies of scale that outsourced sales provides. Further, our sales management fees are based on risk-sharing. After the sales force has been put-in-place, one component of our management fees is based upon performance � a compensation structure based on sales revenues realized.

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