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X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station

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Precision Manufacturing Tools, a Division of Prodev, Inc., manufactures an extensive line of premium rework systems and bench-top tools, as well as custom nozzles, tooling and equipment.

Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

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X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station

X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station


X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Precision Manufacturing Tools Div. of Prodev, Inc.


X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station Description:

The X-1 Precision SMT/BGA Rework Station is a flexible system designed for manual alignment and placement or removal of BGA, microBGA, Flip Chip, CSP and other surface mount electronic components with precisely controlled solder reflow profiles.

The system features a unique gantry style construction similar to a pick-and-place machine, which allows the board to be stationary while the head moves to accomplish the X, Y, Z and Theta alignment. This design allows the capacity to rework boards up to 18 x 22 (or larger optional) in a smaller footprint with simple board fixturing, stationary bottom-side support, a large pre-heater and excellent top and bottom board clearance. The system top heater is forced convection/hot gas type and is integrated into the manually driven placement head. The bottom heater is a large area, low mass infra-red heater that provides fast, efficient heating and eliminates board warping. The optical alignment system uses a CCD camera with a flat mirror and beam splitting prism for easy alignment of area array devices. The camera connects to a dedicated video monitor. The control system features a powerful microprocessor, non-volatile memory and isolated thermocouple inputs. The system is expandable through plug-in modules and RS-232. The operator interface is a simple LCD Panel with a keypad and footswitch. The system has onboard storage for 100 recipes and may be connected to an external computer to store additional recipes or run optional, advanced profiling software.

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