Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor Technology is the world's largest independent supplier of outsourced packaging and test semiconductor interconnect services; with more than 33 years of continuous improvement, growth and innovation.

Leading the Industry in Outsourcing Semiconductor Assembly and Test

Amkor is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor assembly and test services. The company offers semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs a complete set of microelectronics design and manufacturing services.

When Amkor Technology was founded in 1968, many of the products that we take for granted today existed only in the mind's eye of visionaries.

Amkor helped make these visions a reality by pioneering the outsourcing of semiconductor assembly and test services. Today, Amkor is a strategic contract manufacturing resource for many of the world's leading semiconductor companies. We have developed unique expertise in high-volume manufacturing techniques and have diversified and expanded our operational scope by establishing production centers in strategic locations throughout Asia.

Amkor provides leading-edge package solutions such as Stacked Packaging, Flip Chip, MicroLeadFrame�, System-in-Package, MEMS, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), CMOS Image Sensor Camera Modules, and Game, Memory and I/O Cards (AmkKard�) for latest generation applications.

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Amkor IC Pacakge Portfolio

Customer demand for highly sophisticated and ever smaller devices has made semiconductor packaging a vital contributor to system performance. As integrated circuits have become faster and more complex, the cost and performance of the interconnect bet...

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Package on Package (PoP) Stacking and Board Level Reliability, Results of Joint Industry Study

Aug 02, 2007 | Moody Dreiza, Lee Smith - Amkor Technology, Gene Dunn - Panasonic Factory Solutions, Niranjan Vijayaragavan, Jeremy Werner - Spansion.

This paper presents the results of a joint - three way study between Amkor Technology, Panasonic Factory Solutions and Spansion in the area of package on package (PoP) board level reliability (BLR) (...) The scope of this paper is to cover the already popular 14 x 14mm PoP package size that provides a 152 pin stacked interface which supports a high level of flexibility in the memory architecture for multimedia requirements....

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Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the FREE Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS)

Sep 23, 2020 | Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the FREE Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS) virtual event September 30-October 1, 2020. EDPS is the leading forum for advanced chip and systems design processes. Amkor's Gerard John, Sr. Director, FCBGA, will present "Using Machine Learning to Optimize Semiconductor Test" on October 1st at 5:50 PM PST.? Abstract: Machine learning (ML) is a field of engineering under the artificial intelligence (AI) umbrella, based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. ML is often used as a prediction tool to perform analysis on large amounts of data, automate analytical model building and provide the user (human, machine or calling function) with event occurrence probability. To date, the test community has not embraced ML and continues to look at ML with skepticism when approached with the paradigm shift - replacing conventional product test suites with a test suite selected by an ML algorithm. This skepticism may be the result of multiple factors, such as limited familiarity with ML, partial awareness of its capabilities, lack of tools that can be easily used and the workload involved in the process of training a machine to discern data. In addition, by running a compressed test suite suggested by ML, questions arise about test escapees and their potential impact on product quality. This talk uses the example of an Open-Short test to shed light on optimizing semiconductor test using ML. For more information and to register for this FREE event, visit the EDPS website

Amkor Names Oleg Khaykin to Head Corporate Development

May 13, 2003 | Khaykin will be responsible for managing Amkor's corporate development, M&A and intellectual property initiatives.

Amkor Technology Closes Offering of 7 3/4% Senior Notes Due 2013

May 09, 2003 | Calls 9 1/4% Senior Notes Due 2006 for Optional Redemption

Amkor Completes $200 Million Financing

Apr 23, 2003 | The funds will be used to repay the $97 million term loan outstanding under the existing credit facility and for general corporate purposes.

Amkor Technology Announces First Quarter Earnings Conference Call

Apr 08, 2003 | Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Amkor Reports Q4 , Year 2002 Results

Jan 31, 2003 | Sells Wafer Fab Business

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