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Precision tools

Precision tools


Precision tools

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Ejector Pins are used to push the dice off the adhesive film during pick-up by the rubber pick-up tool. By employing precision machine technique and tight control, our ejector pins are manufactured with smooth and fine polished tips. Your productivity and cost-benefits are further enhanced with the high quality of the micro-grain tungsten carbide material used. High Temp Plastic tools are used in pick-up of very small die during assemblies of transistors and LEDs. They can withstand temperature of more than 400 degrees C. We manufacture these tools to tight tolerances on CNC machines to obtain good concentricities of outside and inside diameters as well as very flat contract surfaces. These are designed to cater to various types and manufacturers of die bonders. Rubber Pick Up Tool Holders -Our comprehensive range of rubber pick-up tool holders can cater to most of the die bonders available in the industry. They are designed and machined to high precision so that they fit perfectly to our rubber pick-up tools. The specific flange also provides maximum support during die pick-up. Our Rubber Pick-Up Tools will provide you an economical and reliable tool for die boding, pick and place operation. Tolerances are tightly controlled so as to eliminate line problems and thereby increase your productivity. Rubber pick up tools are available in square, round and rectangular designs and cater to sizes from .030� (30 mils) to .480� (480 mils).

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